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"Absence Speaks"


With the new works, Lamar exhibits the gilded jailbed installation, completed Christmas 2017, as a bow to the enormous number of people forced to be absent from their communities and families during the holidays, due to the practice of mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline. 

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CLIMAGRATION; a solo exhibit by Bea Lamar focusing on the environmental refugee phenomenon haunting nations.

Bea Lamar, a Lebanese-American artist, creates mixed media artworks, photos, and installation work.  By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, Lamar tries to approach the heavy subject in a multi-layered, global manner, involving the viewer interactively.

Her work appears as dreamlike images in which disastrous scenarios and reality meet, meanings shift, and the familiar and the feared merge. Space and Nature evidently play a key role in this exhibit. With a conceptual approach, her work relies extensively on scientific climate data, as well as documentation as a form of resistance against the climate-denying machine. 

Concentrating on repeatedly asking the same question over and over, she aims at amplifying the disbelief of the spectator by creating settings that sound a poetic alarm of sorts. The artist states;  


"At its core, my work mirrors the scale and diversity at which the balance of nature is disrupted, and the far-reaching consequences of that disruption".

Lamar currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

The exhibit will be on view at Humans Of The Earth Gallery from September 22- October 20th during regular gallery hours, and by appointment at 626.642.8824

Honored to take part in Rearte Gallery’s Anniversary Exhibition


Rearte Gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary. The 5 Year Anniversary Opening Reception will take place at the main gallery in Vienna, Austria on the evening of November 8th at Rearte Gallery Spießhammergasse 4
A-11 20 Vienna – Austria Bus 59A oder Straßenbahn 62. The exhibition will be on display until November 22, 2013.

The exhibition will feature many of the Gallery represented artists, dating back to its opening in 2008.

Artist List: Abd A. Masoud, Amir Khatib, Andrea Groier, Andrea Pierus, Bea Lamar, Belgin Akin, Boris Kostadinov, Brigitte Saugstad, Christa Bramböck, Christine Stigma, Dieter Kederst, Edeltrude Arleitner Emad Ashoor, Evaristo Millan, Fanny Wagner, Florian Leibetseder, Franz Morgenbesser, Franz Viehauser, Gerti Hopf, Haider Wady, Hans Mühlbauer, Herbert Bauer, Herbert Langmüller-Laherb, Ilse Hirschmann, Jalal Ariqat, Josef Kinz, Kareem Kaddal, Karin Leiter, Manfred Weber-Wien, Maria-Luise Miksovsky, Maria Bein, Matej Čepin, Mirjam Wydler, Mitra Shahmoradi-Strohmaier, Mohamed Nagieb, Monika Rienöss, Naoko Muneoka, Naile Salman Çevik, Natalia Grigorieva, Natascha Auenhammer, Rawan Al Adwan, Strijdom van der Merwe, Sebastian Philipp, Ne’mat Al-Nasser, Noura M. El-Kordy,Olga Dmytrenko, Tetsugo Hyakutake, Vesselina Zagralova, Yuko Asai, Zuzana Krizalkovicova